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IUD is one of the most effective types of birth control available today. Dr. Patricia Faraz-Eslami, an OB/GYN and Medical Aesthetics Specialist who serves patients at Pacific Women's Center in Ladera Ranch, CA, provides IUDs and other birth control options.


What is an IUD?

An Intrauterine Device, better known as an IUD, is a highly effective kind of birth control. IUDs work by gradually releasing hormones that stop the eggs from being fertilized. Even if an egg has already been fertilized, an IUD can prevent it from actually implanting itself within the uterus.

How is an IUD Implanted?

An IUD is implanted in Dr. Faraz-Eslami's offices, and it takes only a fast and simple procedure to place the IUD in the uterus securely. The implantation process isn't uncomfortable for most people, and there is usually no recovery time required. At most, some people may experience mild soreness but this will usually abate within hours.

Who Should Get an IUD?

Women who are looking for a long term type of birth control may want to consider an IUD. While this type of birth control can be used in most women, it is best for women who have already had children. During birth, the uterine capacity is increased to a point which tends to make it a better (and more secure) environment for the IUD.

How Effective is an IUD?

An IUD is more than 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy, making it one of the most effective possible methods of birth control available today.

How Long Does an IUD Last?

An IUD can be used for as much as 12 years (copper IUD) or 3 to 6 years (hormone IUD) continuously. After that time, the IUD must be removed, but it can be replaced with another IUD if the patient wishes to continue pregnancy protection.

What if a Patient Decides to Have Children?

An IUD is an excellent choice for women who think that they may want to have children within the next 5 years. If a woman decides that she is ready to try to conceive, she can make an appointment for IUD removal at any time. After the IUD is removed, it is safe to start trying to conceive right away if desired.

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