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Pregnancy is full of both joy and stress, but an experienced OB/GYN can make all the difference. Dr. Patricia Faraz-Eslami, an OB/GYN and Medical Aesthetics Specialist at Pacific Women's Center, supports Ladera Ranch, CA patients throughout their Pregnancy.

Pregnancy Q&A

What Are Normal Changes to Expect During Pregnancy?

During early pregnancy, most women can expect to have changes including: Increased frequency of urination, increased level of thirst, weight gain, increased hunger, nausea, occasional vomiting, chronic fatigue, tender breasts, stretch marks, skin pigmentation changes, back pressure and pain, ligament pain, insomnia, mood swings, and nose bleeds. As a woman enters the later stages of her pregnancy, she may also have increased fetal movement (around the 4 to 5-month mark,) increased breast size, hemorrhoids, and shortness of breath.

What Are Warning Signs During Pregnancy?

Warning signs during pregnancy include: Bleeding other than post-exam spotting, any significant level of fluid loss from the vagina, serious headaches not addressed by Tylenol, vision problems, pain during urination, burning during urination, cramps that last over an hour, serious dizzy spells, a temperature higher than 101 F, lack of fetal movement, and inability to urinate. If there is any question about whether a symptom is normal, call Dr. Faraz-Eslami's office immediately for help and guidance.

How Much Weight Gain is Normal During Pregnancy?

This can vary widely, but most people should gain around 25 to 35 pounds over the course of their pregnancy. It is extremely important that women gain the weight the right way, with healthy high-quality foods rather than empty calorie junk foods. Pregnant women can keep their weight gain at healthy levels by maintaining daily activity, with the doctor's permission.

What Medications Are Safe During Pregnancy?

There are several over the counter medications that can typically be used during pregnancy. These include Tylenol for pain and fever relief, Benadryl and Claritin for allergies, Tums for heartburn, and Vicks VapoRub for congestion. Women should check with Dr. Faraz-Eslami about each medication they plan to take while pregnant, even natural supplements, to make sure it's healthy for both them and their growing baby.

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